Investing in your Future

Understanding how large scale Real Estate Development projects can offer security and returns. Cash, RSP and non-accredited eligible syndicate mortgage product allow a consumer to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate development and construction. Your principal amount is fully secured against the subject property where you enjoy steady interest on your funds and, where available, profit participation at the end of your term. Fixed terms, defined horizons… investing that makes sense.


JUSTIN LOVE, Listing and International Marketing Specialist OK WEST Realty Corp.
Justin’s previous experience as a mortgage broker and several years abroad in Japan and Korea have taught him excellent international marketing and communication skills. Justin assists our overseas clients, at the same time bringing our local clients the ultimate Real Estate Experience.

OLI LEBRUN,  Listing and International Marketing Specialist OK WEST Realty Corp.
Oli’s early Military background coupled with more recent experiences working with Silver Star Corporation and in Banff provides him the foundation for disciplined leadership in the Recreation and Luxury Real Estate vertical. His top-graded client list includes many investors from the West Coast and Vancouver. Growing up on a large acreage plus fluency in French makes Oli the most well-rounded Real Estate service provider in the Okanagan!


DAVID McCLURE President & CEO    

Understanding the demand for GREEN ENERGY..Bedford Biofuels is an environmentally responsible Calgary based oil company. The biofuel feed stock comes from a plant called Jatroha Curcas which is certified for transportation, heavy industry, aviation, and the US military. The combined global biodiesel and ethanol markets will reach $247 billion in sales by 2020, up from $76 billion in 2010, according to Pike Research. 73 countries around the world have biofuel mandates.

With an extensive history of entrepreneurial success, Mr.McClure has a proven and definitive ability to bring a business concept to fruition and make it profitable. As founder of Bedford Biofuels, he has worked around the clock to assemble the right assets and people to drive the company’s long-term success. As CEO, Mr. McClure brings a clear vision, strong leadership and humanity to Bedford Biofuels. His past experience includes running marketing for a successful real estate syndication company with multiple offices in North America and Southeast Asia. His attraction to Alberta in 2008 was oil, but recognizing the boom would be limited, he turned his efforts to “green” oil. The emerging biofuels market has room for some innovative, entrepreneurial re-thinking. A market with such great demand is an ideal place for Mr. McClure to assert his unique brand of entrepreneurism.


LINDSAY SUKKAU (BCOMM, CSC, AIC-BC) Business Development Manager Vision Properties 

Graduated from The University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Investment Finance.  Over the years Lindsay has read and studied over 100 books on investments and finance. To date he has 22 years experience in the stock market along with real estate. For  3 years Lindsay was mentored by a savy real estate investor who owns over 2000 investment properties. In addition to his achievements, Lindsay has received 50 hours training from the # 1 selling financial Author of all time Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. Above and beyond his training and experiences he was also successful at raising over 10M dollars for private equity in 3 years. As an experienced and educated investor Lindsay has earned over 40% annually for 7 years on his personally managed portfolio

VISION INVESTMENTS Creates Financial Freedom through secure, well selected real estate investments across Western Canada. In the last decade Vision has acquired over 100M dollars of investment properties. Clients can enjoy 100% title to the property in their name. Vision conducts extensive due diligence and provides a unique 4 yr. rental assurance program. Rental condominiums are fully turn key with management in place.


RALPH VAN DER WALLE, President Canada Pacific Investment Group Ltd.

Born and raised in the Netherlands and has called Canada his home since 1987. After a career in international business meetings & conventions he started marketing, buying and investing in real estate. From 2007 to 2008 he returned to Amsterdam to set up a private placement office promoting real estate investments in western Canada. In Amsterdam Mr. van der Walle received extensive training by former members of the Homburg Group who raised and invested in over 650 million Euros worth of Canadian projects. To date CPI Group has facilitated and participated in over $12 million of investments by both Dutch and Canadian investors in a multitude of projects with a combined asset value of over $80 million.

Based in Canmore, AB, Canada Pacific Investment Group Ltd. / The Investment Store carefully selects its’ investments through an extensive due diligence process and participates only in projects with a secured underlying asset value that offers protection for the principal of its investors. High-yield investments are structured in-house and are offered through Offering Memorandum, syndicated mortgages, limited partnerships and joint ventures. Small scale investments are offered with a minimum of $10,000 with yields of up to 15% per annum. All investments by Offering Memorandum are eligible for the transfer of underperforming RRSP and TFSA funds using Olympia Trust. CPI also offers syndicated projects with yields of up to 24% per annum. Current projects are located in Canmore, Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton and Dawson Creek.


PHILIPPE DAIGLE, Mortgage Expert Dominion Lending. Understanding CREDIT, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Philippe received his mortgage broker license in 2007 after 18 years as a pharmaceutical representative. The transition to mortgage financing has been extremely enriching and satisfying for him. With a long history of customer service, Philippe believes that listening is at the core of the mortgage process. Philippe truly appreciates the importance of treating people the way they want to be treated. Philippe’s goal as mortgage broker is to focus on helping clients through the stress, emotions and complexities that are part of mortgage financing. Philippe views his role has that of an advocate working on behalf of customers sitting on the same side of the table as his clients.



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